Pushcart Prize Nominations 2022

The Mantle Poetry is happy to announce this year’s Pushcart Prize nominations:

Rebecca Macijeski – “Because I Listen For Things” (Issue 18)
Elana Wolff – “Ice Lace” (Issue 18)
Anna Gayle – “All I Want Is to Be Soft Again” (Issue 19)
William Snyder, Jr. “About Owls, the Bones of Mice, and the Work of Assembly” (Issue 19)
Elizabeth Sylvia – “The Transience” (Issue 19)
Philip Jason – “Lucinate” (Issue 19)

Congrats to all!

Best of the Net Nominations 2021

The Mantle is pleased to announce these six poems as our nominations for the 2020 Sundress Publications “Best of the Net” Anthology. (Issues 12 – 15 were eligible for nominations this year):

Zamiya Akbar – All the Ways Love Can Leave
Elise Houcek – The Lime Tree
Eunice Kim – the body’s grief is apocryphal
Margo LaPierre – Ride
Blue Nguyen – a portrait: i learn how to forgive a bird
Bear Weaver – Into Ornithology


2020 Pushcart Prize Nominations

The Mantle Poetry is proud to have nominated these six poems for next year’s edition of the Pushcart Prize:

Ayesha Asad – “Look, Mama”

Katherine Fallon – “Virus Chaser”

Allison Hummel – “Gain Powers and Learn Desperation”

Eunice Kim – “in response to the symptom of apathy”

Monica Kim – “what if I said yes: a queer multiverse”

Lauren Mallett – “Paisley with Acanthus and Flower Lashings”

As always, it is extremely difficult to narrow the choices down each year, but these poems and the issues they live in are well worth revisiting!