Best of the Net Nominations 2021

The Mantle is pleased to announce these six poems as our nominations for the 2020 Sundress Publications “Best of the Net” Anthology. (Issues 12 – 15 were eligible for nominations this year):

Zamiya Akbar – All the Ways Love Can Leave
Elise Houcek – The Lime Tree
Eunice Kim – the body’s grief is apocryphal
Margo LaPierre – Ride
Blue Nguyen – a portrait: i learn how to forgive a bird
Bear Weaver – Into Ornithology


2020 Pushcart Prize Nominations

The Mantle Poetry is proud to have nominated these six poems for next year’s edition of the Pushcart Prize:

Ayesha Asad – “Look, Mama”

Katherine Fallon – “Virus Chaser”

Allison Hummel – “Gain Powers and Learn Desperation”

Eunice Kim – “in response to the symptom of apathy”

Monica Kim – “what if I said yes: a queer multiverse”

Lauren Mallett – “Paisley with Acanthus and Flower Lashings”

As always, it is extremely difficult to narrow the choices down each year, but these poems and the issues they live in are well worth revisiting!

Nominations for Best of the Net 2020

The Mantle is pleased to announce these six poems from issues nine through eleven as our nominations for the 2020 Sundress Publications “Best of the Net” Anthology:

Kristian Macaron: Mothra: The Song Remains (Issue 9)

Ashley Steineger: Small Town Living (Issue 9)

Michael Akuchie: Violence (Issue 10)

Satya Dash: A fire that sings when doused (Issue 10)

Blue Nguyen: acromantis grandis (Issue 11)

Madeleine Grossman: potty training (Issue 11)


Issue 12

Excited to share with you Issue 12 (exactly three years after the release of the first)!

Please click the cover image below to read work from:

Ayesha Asad
Mohamed Elhassan
Katherine Fallon
Eunice Kim
emilie kneifel
Courtney LeBlanc
Victoria Nordlund
Julia Rosenbaum
Esther Sun

Issue 12

In other news, Best of the Net nominations will be announced in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for providing light in these uncertain times.

Issue 11

Issue 11 has arrived! It features stellar work from seven poets:

Ace Boggess
Sy Brand
Madeleine Grossman
Allison Hummel
Jude Nguyen
Simon Perchik
Stephanie Athena Valente

Click the cover below to access the issue:Issue 11

Thanks for reading. Hope this uncertain era finds you safe and healthy.