James H Duncan


 what is lost is found again 
      and again
 in the blighted ravines of the midnight memory, 
 headlights streaming over high desert horizons, 
      two beams into the endless dark 
 as you slide and scramble down 
 into that pit by the highway subconscious, 
 looking for those needles and pins in the dirt 
      and the dark, begging for pain, fingers 
 scrounging dry rock until they bleed, and in the most 
 desperate epoch your fingers touch 
 what you once cast away 
 with such hate—a relief, your heart; 
 no desert can evade the rains forever; you will hardscrabble 
 down that same darkness one day, one future; 
 all that is found will be lost again 
      and again 
 in the blighted ravines of that midnight memory   

James H Duncan is the editor of Hobo Camp Review and the author of Beyond the Wounded HorizonNights Without Rain, and We Are All Terminal But This Exit Is Mine, among other books of poetry and fiction. He currently resides in upstate New York and reviews indie bookshops at his blog, The Bookshop Hunter. For more, visit www.jameshduncan.com.

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