Contributor Index

Ahlawat, Menkah – I
Anderson, Geoff – Grand Canyon
Boggess, Ace – “Isn’t Today Worth Fighting for?”
Bon, Nicholas – C-60; The Water
Botoman, Eleonor – The Diorama
Carroll, Sheena – Sometimes Dissociation Feels Like Cracking Wrists
Clark, Gray – to every city some man loves me in, pt. I
Daniels, Maureen – Valerie
Gandevivala, Anisa – Siren
Hammond, Fayce – One Genealogy for De/Colonization
Hoffman, Alicia – History Suggests This Is Only the Beginning; Renoir
Jagodnik, R.W. – Camera
Kennedy, Tallon – Eclipse Hangover / A Month Later
Licciardi, Bryanna – Fish Love
Mcclantoc, Keshia – nature vs. nurture
Mead, Stephen – Not Painting II
Mehta, Jessica – Mourning Lights
Okaji, Robert – Overlooked
Pizappi, Daniel J. – Funeral Dirge with Keys and Horns
Pobo, Kenneth – On Facebook Wayne Posts PicturesPetunias
Ransom, Layne – What We Can Bear
Robertson, Louise – Gossip
Sudhakar, Nina – Planar Geometry; Self-Portrait as Cathedral
Thomas, Aden – Movie Night in Central Wyoming
Wolff, AJ – Thursday
Zangana, Soz – abductor pollicis longus