Contributor Index


Accardi, Millicent Borges – Had Such Powers
Acuff, Gale – Ding-dong
Aguirre, Cheryl – Mortuary
Aibel, Jonathan B. – The Shadow of Her Piano
Ahlawat, Menkah – I
Akbar, Zamiya – All the Ways Love Can Leave
Akuchie, Michael – Violence
Anderson, Geoff – Grand Canyon
Angelides, Rikki – Departures
Asad, Ayesha – Look, Mama
Asakura, Sloan – Over coffee, with evaporated milk


Bailey, Daniel – Joy Your Heart Against Me
Beard, Michael – Going Out Tonight
Beliu, Tiffany – Size Matters
Bellamkonda, Suhrith – Another Sunset Poem
Bentayou, Alexandra – Four of us:
Birnbaum, Mary Elizabeth – Coming Home from Work in December
Bleyker, Ariana D. Den – My Children Asleep on the Chest of September
Blust, Mela – of the finally dawn
Boggess, Ace – “Isn’t Today Worth Fighting for?”; “Oh, but Old Friend, Are We Ever Really Happy?”; Vacation; “Would You Stay Calm or Would You Panic?”
Bon, Nicholas – C-60; The Water
Botoman, Eleonor – The Diorama
Brand, Sy – Exorcist, Please
Brennan, Ryan – August
Brosnihan, Kyle Seamus – Poem From a Stoop in Brooklyn
burnette, sally – selected edible mushrooms of north carolina


cancel, billy – our Plots merge it’s an OMNISHAMBLES
Capps, David – The Alchemists
Carroll, Sheena – Sometimes Dissociation Feels Like Cracking Wrists
Chen, Ava – Skygaze Fantasy
Cigic, Annie – Sharp Woods
Clark, Gray – to every city some man loves me in, pt. I
Cox, Stefani – Fault Lines
Curran, Shelby – my battle scars are pink


Daniels, Maureen – Valerie
Dash, Satya – A fire that sings when doused; Litany
Delea, Mary Christine – Central Park Meditation
Demaree, Darren C. – neverwell #9
Difalco, Salvatore – Chrysanthemums
Dodson, P. Claire – a hearing; well, really
Donahue, C.M. – Nomad
duckwall, jessamyn – I wasn’t ready to be a garden for you
Duncan, James H – Fugue
Dujovne, Beatriz – Nana’s Teachings


Eddy, Sara – At the DeCordova Museum; Pumice Mines
Elhassan, Mohamed – a letter to myself: dear,
Ellison, Emily – My cat ate my cactus
English, Morgan – Work and the Body
Erickson, Terri Kirby – Mockingbirds


Faerstein, Howard – Switchbacks
Fallon, Katherine – Virus Chaser
Folger, Virginia Bach – The Dead Come to Me in Dreams
Folkmire, Lisa – I am told that I have OCD; World View


Gandevivala, Anisa – Siren
Gayle, Anna – all I want is to be soft again
German, Mimi – Among Antlers
Glass, Joan Kwon – Dear Whitney, on Your 57th Birthday
Groppuso-Cook, Justin – We Are Nowhere & It’s Now
Grossman, Madeleine – ode; potty training


Habra, Hedy – Or What Does a Tree Know About Aging?
Hammond, Fayce – One Genealogy for De/Colonization
Hanrahan, Leijia – Huehuetenango and Questionable Latitude
Hoffman, Alicia – History Suggests This Is Only the Beginning; Renoir
Houcek, Elise – Pietas; The Lime Tree
Hummel, Allison – Gain Powers and Learn Desperation; I suppose I will never stop thinking


Iannucci, Nancy Byrne – Sap
Illich, Lindsay – Aletheia


Jagodnik, R.W. – Camera
Jason, Philip – Lucinate
Jessie, Paris – Silhouettes & Makers
Jones-Luke, Shirley – A Portrait of Michael Brown that Wasn’t Michael Brown


Kanev, Peycho – Elusive Feeling
Kennedy, Tallon – Eclipse Hangover / A Month Later
Kim, Eunice – in response to the symptom of apathy; the body’s grief is apocryphal
Kim, Monica – what if I said yes: a queer multiverse
Kimbrell, Gregory – [Utility] SA
Kiureghian, Leah – Abrahan 6
Kline, Ben – Boy in Repetition
kneifel, emilie – aaah
Konkoski, Beth – Demolition
Krut, Kayla – An Argument


LaFollette, Kristin – ExigenceI Wrote a High School English Paper on Hand Surgery
Lamothe, Lori – Why I Deleted My Instagram
LaPierre, Margo – Ride
Lara, Mateo – Odio (Hate)
Law, Sarah – Love Letters
LeBlanc, Courtney – Voyeurs
Lee, Tanner –  under my fingernails I write
Leigh, Courtney – The Keeping
Lewinski, Hunter – Usufruct
Li, Xiaoly – Dining at Shangri-La
Licciardi, Bryanna – Fish Love
Lieto, Sara Rose – Bending; Long Winter, New Spring
Lisella, Julia – MS and Cancer
Luzajic, Lorette C. – The Boys of Summer


Macaron, Kristian – Mothra: The Song Remains; Your Blood Is What Builds You
Macijeski, Rebecca – Because I Listen for Things; To My Brother Eleven Months Younger Than Me Whose Body Is No Longer Alive
Mallett, Lauren – Paisley with Acanthus and Flower Lashings; Parable with Prana
Martino, Nick – Three Cheers for My Friends, Their Hard Labor
Mcclantoc, Keshia – nature vs. nurture
Mead, Stephen – Not Painting II
Mehta, Jessica – Mourning Lights
Merante, Julia – Alcohol Addiction Is 50% Genetics & 50% Poor Coping Skills
Milner, Ethan – Bodies in Parallax
Mo, Suchoon – I Was Stupid


Newman, Hannah – In the boxes that are left glass apples glaze with dust
Nguyen, Blue – acromantis grandis; a portrait: i learn how to forgive a bird; A PORTRAIT: I LEARN HOW TO FORGIVE A BIRD PART 2; ode to section 8 housing
Nixon, Crystalline – Xmas Body Horror
Nordlund, Victoria – Preservation
Norton, Julia – Cipher for Seventh Grade; Don’t Bring This One to Adam


Okaji, Robert – Overlooked
Orr, Max – Interiors
Owens, James – Driftwood


Pelias, Ronald J. – Reading the Signs; Unfinished
Perchik, Simon – These flowers know which birds sip
Pizappi, Daniel J. – Funeral Dirge with Keys and Horns
Poague, Amy – The Time Inside Our Bodies Keeps Us Young
Pobo, Kenneth – On Facebook Wayne Posts PicturesPetunias
Price, Bryan D. – Everything
Prihoda, Michael – bb gun
Przypyszny, Annie – Walking Home


Ransom, Layne – What We Can Bear
Rey, Juanita – Getting By
Rihn, Andrew and Donora – Apocalypse
Robertson, Louise – The Count Is Now 2 & Whatever; Gossip
Rosenbaum, Julia – Flow Cytometry
Rubin, Stan Sanvel – Singularity
Ryan, George – Monarchs


Sander, Ellen – Aubade 4×4
Saunders, Noa – VALVE
Schnaithmann, Louisa – Sincerity
Scudder, Emily – We aren’t supposed to know so much about so much
Sheff, Jake – Reflections of Weddings
Simmons, Mary – Dispersion
Snyder Jr., William – About Owls, the Bones of Mice, and the Work of Assembly
Steineger, Ashley – Small Town Living
Sudhakar, Nina – Planar Geometry; Self-Portrait as Cathedral
Sun, Esther – A History of the United States of America
Sylvia, Elizabeth – The Transience


Thomas, Aden – Movie Night in Central Wyoming
Ticknor, Maddie – American Loneliness; Dear Computer; Doomed for Your Approval; Draw a Window for Me; Online Dating
Tierney, Terry – Smelling the Rain
Trattner, Sara – A Well Made Bed
Tripathy, Debasis – Uncertainty of Sadness


Valente, Joanna C. – When You Ask Me How I Am and I Almost Tell You, I Haven’t Killed Myself Yet
Valente, Stephanie Athena – I’ve Been to Bigger Forests With Even Bigger Secrets
Varvel, Troy – Burial


Wagner, Maryfrances – For What We Don’t Know
Weaver, Bear – Into Ornithology
Weiss, Catherine – Anyway, How Are You; grow (in lbs); I Think I Know More About the World Than I Used Tononbinosaurus rex; what do dogs know
Williams, Manuela – In December
Wilson, Melody – Criminal
Wolff, AJ – Thursday
Wolff, Elana – Ice Lace


Zangana, Soz – abductor pollicis longus
Zhang, Kuo – Jiu Cai—A Wish for Longevity and Wealth