Annie Cigic

Sharp Woods

In silence,         I watch                my body           retrieve—
pulling itself    sunken in the river      & picked off
the foliage, dominated.

I taste   my throat           chase it with the pit
in my stomach— bombs settle.

On my own,      I find  little treasures, a cave
beneath the sinkhole,           the Earth’s
core reservoir.              I recreate the world
for myself.

Be:           a stone on the tracks      cut hair
for gardens          the highest        diving board—the desired
threat.                         Be:                   too much         pool
blue-bashed back             a scooped-out constellation.

Annie Cigic is a third-year student in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies PhD program at Bowling Green State University. She received her MFA in Poetry from BGSU. Her work can be found in Gordon Square ReviewInto the Void, and Driftwood Press. Her poem “Afterlife of a Dumped Body” received a 2021 Pushcart Prize nomination.