Michael Akuchie



Sometimes it’s easy to be without joy at the burst of dawn

through the window.

Think of me as a flower taking a peek at the world

& getting plucked up.

Think of the universe as a beast

that bares its teeth & charges forward.

Think of a cry that rings louder than a lie, a cry that lactates danger.

Think of my eyes as an ocean

& a boat of dreams paddling hard toward safety.

Think of a waterfall & a crash that greets the ear softly with finality.

For every wound there must be blood,

sometimes a pouring that claims the floor to widen the terror.

Think of a bird with its sides shot through

& the possibility of flying again being false.


Michael Akuchie is an Igbo-Esan born emerging poet currently studying English and Literature at the University of Benin, Nigeria. An Orison Anthology nominee, his poems have previously appeared on Collective Unrest, Impossible Task, Anomaly, TERSE and elsewhere. He is on Twitter as @Michael_Akuchie. He is the author of the micro-chap, “Calling out Grief” recently published by Ghost City Press.

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