Sy Brand

Exorcist, Please

You sent glitter in the post,
a sweet thought, but

now there’s glitter in the sofa
glitter on the cat
glitter in the fridge
glitter in my eyelids

when I breathe out I spew
glitter, my shoes don’t fit anymore

don’t worry, I managed to get the glitter
out of them, but my feet
absorbed the stuff, behemoth paws
that leave a rainbow trail

wherever I go, glitter
in my dreams

glitter on the other cat
glitter in the glitter,
some other glitter dimension
where atoms are replaced with glitter,

my TV just plays glitter;
a snow crash in colour,

and I don’t know which button is red
or blue or yellow or green,
they’re all glitter,
you sent the letter years ago,

but still I’m haunted.


Sy Brand is a queer non-binary person living in Edinburgh, Scotland. They write through the haze of cat-/child-induced sleep deprivation to try and make sense of gender, relationships, and ADHD. You can find them on Twitter @TartanLlama and their publications at

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