Allison Hummel

Gain Powers and Learn Desperation

Just like that it was gone –
the casually engendered peace

it had been as subtle
as insulation.

But the video game blinks
a blaring directive.

Gain powers and learn desperation.

So I cut through the Won Kok parking lot.
I have made pink clouds my background

and to the up-left, a strand of
pigeons, still on their wire
in the rain


I hunker down, blurry with prednisone.
Lupus lamentably does not mean
I’m a werewolf –
merely that I have been bitten by a wolf –
(on the face, ill-favored)


I am coursing along the wide street.

Mrs. Lin the psychic resides in a hut
of raspberry pavlova, and
she is In.

I listen to a song, hoping for

but find it both
very weird
and just ok.


I call him my sweet
log of marzipan. I call him
my pavlova. Chewy.

To be loved and
also sick – this
is a new vibe –

a rosemary tree
a moth in a beer stein
two socks, jack frost
apartment in the morning


I keep getting hit by the desire to
make a tent of my jacket
and just hope I’m forgiven



I suppose I will never stop thinking

I suppose I will never stop thinking
about it, and why would I want to

when the grain of your love,
rubbing against my gums, is

the only thing that reminds me
of the esoteric world

dying, but extant

like a phenomenon in Minoa
or a willingness to
entertain belief.

And there were a number of

each singular, like a
scattering of baby octopuses.

It would be nice if belief
could be obtained, like a
moody draught,

or caught like a cold.

I would stake out and
then approach my
neighborhood witch.

I don’t need the thing,
I’d say, just give me
an inch of clearance

an inch of space, an airfield –
I’ll tend it in anticipation
of the thing’s arrival

if it never comes that’s fine
at least I made room for it
I didn’t say no


Allison Hummel is based in Southern California. Her work has recently appeared in Oxidant Engine, the Operating System, SLANT and Sorority Mansion. Work is forthcoming from Francis House, Cordite Poetry Review, and Flag + Void. Assimilating to Twitter: @allisonhummel4

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