billy cancel

our Plots merge it’s an OMNISHAMBLES

unresolved fable riddle hybrid     push pull 
current static in the attic     everything 
dual-use    (a) to create a collision + (b)  
1 other function     synchronicity as  
narrative     our early morning dew  
wash no thanks to the CIA.            to think 

   you were in such good twist already half  
way home     through the disused railway  
tunnel filled with glowing lights    making  
progress under American guidance.   i had  
spent too much time tapping on the glass &  
considered but 4 things   Condition - Embellishment 
Historical Significance - What’s Hot.     craggy  
peaks wind blasted trees rural hush where  
we met      jerks seemed chill.           with our  

     fangs out situational  
awareness it’s just another  
day of pattern seeking     not  
a case of getting it out of  
our system   this is  

billy cancel is a Brooklyn based poet/performer. His collection MOCK TROUGH RASPING CROW (BlazeVOX Books) was published in 2018. His poetry is in Boston Review, PEN America & Bombay Gin amongst others. With Thursday Fernworthy (Lauds) he makes up the noise/pop band Tidal Channel.

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