Beth Konkoski


The walls around us,
russet and charcoal
years of struggle, need
the sledgehammer, but
we lack the strength
or daily courage to lift
and take the first swing.
Plaster crumbles at our feet
like old cake; the steady
damp of our disregard
has weakened even the studs
that once held things aloft.
We lower our heads and move
through mornings in which
the dust and smoke of electric
weather hold court. We need
to bust it all apart, place
rolls of orange construction
fence between today and
this pain. If I bring you
graph paper and a ruler
could we start to make a plan?

Beth Konkoski is a writer and high school English teacher living in Northern Virginia with her husband and almost-grown kids.  Her work has appeared in journals such as Mid-American Review, The American Journal of Poetry, and Gargoyle.  She has two poetry chapbooks: “Noticing the Splash” with BoneWorld Press and “Water Shedding” with Finishing Line Press.  She is currently at work on a novel.