Sarah Law

Love Letters

I will write them with my breath
‘O’s like smoke rings – kisses to the sky –

exhaled syllables, sparkling droplets
cast from the self’s collar, flying up

to their evaporative heaven. I will harness
the gush of my blood to the task,

it comes from the heart, after all; I will write
in rhythm as my fingers tap the pane,

a Morse code, subliminal, sublunary; I
have set a mystery in vinegar; although

I know there is only one thing to be written
over and over and over again –

Sarah Law lives in London and is a tutor for the Open University and elsewhere. Publications include the Poetry Book Society recommended pamphlet My Converted Father (Broken Sleep, 2018) and the 2020 collection Thérèse: Poems (Paraclete Press). She edits the online Amethyst Review for new writing engaging with the sacred.

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