Julia Merante – Alcohol Addiction Is 50% Genetics & 50% Poor Coping Skills

Julia Merante

Alcohol Addiction Is 50% Genetics
& 50% Poor Coping Skills

I did not know that glass could talk–
but it told me to kiss it gently
like it wanted to be loved;

we both did.
It even kissed me back.

They say that when
buttercup flowers glow golden
under chin —
                meaning: she must like butter.

and this is why she cannot
be hung when

she was born
to drown.


Julia Merante is a junior at SUNY Geneseo in Upstate New York. She currently studies English, Biology, and Human Development. She hopes to earn her MFA, and possibly attend law school. She has a poetry concentration, and is excited to see where her writing takes her. She loves reading, watching movies with her mom, and suffers from a terrible shopping addiction. She has been previously published in Red Queen Magazine and Minute Magazine. She is grateful for all opportunities, and for those who continue to spread the beauty of language throughout the world.

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