Tiffany Belieu – Size Matters

Tiffany Belieu

Size Matters

Yes, I am fat and people have wanted me
to lose weight and said so, publicly

privately and with supposed kindness.
They tell me it is about my health

for me to be around longer, as long
as there is less of me.

All you see is my scale-
snake throat and all the things I take

into myself, food and words and worlds.
Increasing the weight of recognizing

the beauty in size –
of hips and the universe

as not mutually exclusive, babe.
Beyond a narrow world view,

Seen as sick but I’m well
rounded, and still someone

who gets fucked, knows sucking
starlight requires mass,

make room in the pew. How big
is the offering, I place two coins

on my eyes and ask passage
to places of appreciation,

to be seen as human,
beyond the desperation of shrinking.


Tiffany Belieu is working hard to make her writing dream a reality. Her work is published or forthcoming in Meow Meow Pow Pow, Collective Unrest, The Cabinet of Heed, and Okay Donkey. She loves tea and cats and can be found @tiffobot on Twitter.

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