Ellen Sander

Aubade 4×4


The rain is lost
to fractures
in the pavement, and
the horizon bulges
            with irrevocable distance

I come out of a dark room
with the latency of a swampy dream
of a confined space, of a dirty
empty cup
a dim begin of day
            with kettle-eyed filmy sweat

I pretend not to notice
the cat licked the yogurt
while I retrieved the toast
            and eat it anyway

You have my word
            and I want it back


Ellen Sander, a rock and roll heart, was Poet Laureate of Belfast, Maine in 2013 and 2014.  Her current poetry chapbook, Hawthorne, a House in Bolinas, is published by Finishing Line Press.  Aquifer will be published by Red Bird Chapbooks. More importantly, the cat is sprawled out over everything important on the desk – snoring – and that’s how the day is going.

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