Melody Wilson


Just                          as the water                washes it
            down                          the drain
            I realize           it doesn’t matter            what kind of
            brain                         a spider has
                            whether it                  knows fear
            or not                 I could have carried it      to the window
or waited                                     to shower                       but this
                            was                                 easier.
            I was                 on time         for the meeting
            my afternoon nap               then
                            the news.           The way
            the same day                                   shatters some
        coddles others.                    Even as it clung          to the tile
            the grace                      of its                 delicate
                           legs                        so                             beautiful.
                                        I was relieved
                           when I couldn’t                                   see it
            anymore,              began
                  to forget.

Melody Wilson’s work appears in Nimrod and The Fiddlehead. New poems will appear in Crab Creek Review, Kestrel, and Briar Creek. She received two Pushcart nominations in 2022 and was a semifinalist for the Pablo Neruda Award. Her chapbook Spineless: Memoir in Invertebrates comes out in August 2023. Find her at

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