Daniel Bailey – Joy Your Heart Against Me

Daniel Bailey

Joy Your Heart Against Me

I screech against the windy parts of me
I unsing little by little
witness pays its own bills like a boyfriend
without feelings I am a perfect person
with feelings I am just another person
my joy needs to be stamped
on the heart of the nation it belongs to
someone put me on a bus
headed toward some central location
I want to take the bus hostage
like Dennis Hopper in Speed
and joyride around doing 50+
I pet dogs I pet dogs I pet dogs
wear suns wear lakes wear dreams
dream like I have dreamed of late
of a church where everyone
tries to kill me
as a form of worship
every part of me ready
to be held underwater


Daniel Bailey is the author of several books of poetry, including The Drunk Sonnets (Magic Helicopter, 2009) and Gather Me (Scrambler Books, 2013). He lives in Athens, Georgia, where he continues to revise his bio. http://ddnnllbbllyy.tumblr.com/

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