Leah Kiureghian – Abrahan 6

Leah Kiureghian

Abrahan 6

all’s alright reading Ashbery in bed
but missing
words wondering how do you
trompe l’oeil
did you mean how do you
pronounce parameter put down
your pencils put away any quality of blackness
it is just that your hair is no longer
nuptial is wedding office hours are noon
at the bus stop one worker’s glove another about a foot
off discarded for Sunday with Fresh Flowers student
revolutionaries Aries tripping echoes–
Far be it from me as a refrain, but in the middle of
the stanza to “re-set” rhythm.
Aim for ten minutes and see what you’ve got at 5 after
an accident, I am thinking two things my mind’s
between absolutes.


Leah Kiureghian was born in Germany and raised in Arizona. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Brooklyn College where she was a recipient of the Himan Brown award. Her most recent work has appeared in or is forthcoming from SAND, American Chordata, RHINO, and The Portland Review.

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