Aden Thomas – Movie Night in Central Wyoming

Aden Thomas

Movie Night in Central Wyoming

The rain just north of Riverton
rolls deep into the August night
like a groggy and hibernating bear
looking for the comfort of its den.

There are stories somewhere in those clouds,
though I can’t quite remember them,
songs I know I carry,
journeys of forgotten storms.
Tonight they gather around me.

Reels and reels of lighting
play against the sky
like silent films on silver screens.
I smell the camphor on the wind.
Even the crickets are listening.

It’s a warm night to find myself
alone, to wish
for all these versions of myself,
sequels that could be true.


Aden Thomas grew up in the sagebrush country of central Wyoming. His work has appeared in The Chiron Review, Rust + Moth, and The Inflectionist Review. His first book of poems, What Those Light Years Carry, is available through Kelsay Books. More at:


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