Courtney Leigh – The Keeping

Courtney Leigh

The Keeping

Tell me to pose
break bread at my back
the past held in the grit teeth of spine.
Tell me that you course through the fluid
that tap to my brain. Boy wonder,
I can’t wake without you.
Can’t eat cake about you.
I am breakfast & so on—
I fill you. Eat breakfast & so on
you fill me.
I take the day in tornadoes
my body in constant jagged whiplash.
I cry when I cum undone
with the buttons down my back.
Find me in the undone sutures.
I work the dead for you
wound shoveled out.
I fall for you, take the cutted wings
out my back.
I am prayer
forgiveness for
& so on


Courtney Leigh is the author of “the unrequited <3<3 of red riding hood & her lycan lover (Dancing Girl Press, 2016)”. She resides in Arizona & is The Bowhunter of White Stag Publishing. She also owns & curates Crimson Sage Apothecary, hand-making ritual & altar tools, decor, & all-natural skincare.

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