Sara Rose Lieto – Bending

Sara Rose Lieto


When I think of being okay,
I think of the hard stalk of lavender
and the way we separate the petals
to smash them into purpose.

When I look up how
to fix my muddled,
unweeded mind,
the Internet tells me to
steam lavender,
smell lavender,
rub lavender,
fuck lavender

until I become the purple,
bruised pulp so kneaded
and wet that there is
no space for anxiety

until anxiety is the mushy
soil I grow from, fertilized
by years of thought
and wet from the downpour,
my stem bending under
the weight of its flowers.


Sara Rose Lieto is a poet, artist, and software engineer based in Cambridge, MA. Outside of writing, she spends her time learning about flowers, climbing rocks, and making zines about empathy. You can find her online at

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