Mimi German – Among Antlers

Mimi German

Among Antlers

winter sun scalds your skin    of memory
of warmth shattering all reserves beneath the callous

your eyes so almost frozen in the wind   the rain
prevented me from going bankrupt

walking past my heart           i see you
your shirt wet clinging

hope never hides inside        hollow cans
and days just a latch to let in the same

tin bending rain and my heart   weeping
we are dry standing tinder

tomorrow is eight letters      meaningless
today another rivulet

i can only house you here     among antlers
this pasture where mountain goats gather


Mimi German is a poet and activist for the houseless community in Portland, OR. She is currently studying poetry in the Poet Studio at the Attic Institute. You can find her poems in NewVerseNews, PublicPool and Ariel Chart.

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