Hunter Lewinski – Usufruct

Hunter Lewinski


so serenity soft
serenity could be

snowy owl, marsh mud
– between the spine

  the sallow postcard
cleaved, thumbing open
the book

72, Paine:

  the means must be
an obliteration of knowledge;

  and it has never yet been
               how to make man unknow

why I associate posterity with the cold
               and tragedy with museums

               what am I but
               a schematic of forgetting

   drawn with
the haunted etching
  of horses’ hair &

the blistering horizon
& the drip
of perspiration off
               my nose, watching it peel
               like paint chipping off
    my face, my face painted with
    the paint of myself
    also chipping off.


Hunter Lewinski is a student at Hamilton College studying Creative Writing and History. Outside of writing, Hunter co-hosts a college radio program and plays guitar in the Hamilton College Jazz Band. His work has been previously published or is forthcoming in RiggwelterBy&By PoetryFourth & Sycamore, and Anon Magazine.

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