Menkah Ahlawat – I

Menkah Ahlawat


the goal is to get as far away as
there, from my self
my imprinted, arbitrary glass self that goes on
refracturing reality helplessly
it’s following us even now, isn’t it

surely we are more than just photographic films exposed without design in the early light of the day, predisposed now to certain patterns forever? it’s a wonder we should get anything done and spoken at all when everyone’s looking at blue when I say green and you say white when I say clean

am i my pattern of sight or the seeing
the eye or the i behind it
or the only constant that has been
or the inconsistencies
with my birth was born both a shape
of me and of the world, cut anew
at my seams


Menkah Ahlawat studies and teaches English Literature at Delhi University, India and is currently pursuing a M.Phil degree on the topic of Trans Poetics. Her work has appeared in Vayavya. She likes to pursue any writing, art, or school of thought that helps pass time while she figures out this thing.


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