Nina Sudhakar – Planar Geometry

Nina Sudhakar

Planar Geometry

Say your first lesson is the inherent nature
of things, the shapes that are defined by

their names, the names that define the shape
of everything. As if we didn’t summon this order

into existence, as if power weren’t magicked into hands
that claimed dominion over the supernatural, the natural,

the natural order of things. Were we born inclined
toward the arc of justice & then loosed by society,

left hanging at both ends? I never counted the number
of sides. I drew fervently while praying for the object

to show me a new face, the hedron that lived past
solidity, the angled edges of walls that imprison

its very essence. So did we emerge with clenched fists,
howling beyond any notion of sorrow? Hesitant eyes

opening onto the illusion of safety, ready to be named,
ready to be taught, ready to learn our only grip is releasing.


Nina Sudhakar is a writer and lawyer currently based in Indianapolis. Her poems have appeared in TRACK//FOUR and Rising Phoenix Review; for more, please see


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