Amy Poague – The Time Inside Our Bodies Keeps Us Young

Amy Poague

The Time Inside Our Bodies Keeps Us Young

Does the second set of eyes mean
time is a second-order concern?
Remind me about life that returns
on a schedule.
                 Perennials. Yes, the predicament
of perennials.

Young love in old age can’t be time erupting.

My DNA is a fan of your DNA, and life
is the reincarnation of heart rate, life an oscillating fan,
beats never more
than that or this oscillation.

Which brings me to the sun.

It isn’t
than whatever keeps time keeping.

I can wait. Oscillate.

                 I can’t wait. The eyes that surface after.
We grow and must never remove.
It means solar oscillation and beats per body. I mean
per pair of eyes.

This isn’t just lilies arriving on time. Second sight seconds
inside your chest.
I’ll always.
                 I’ll always

regenerate eyes.


Amy Poague lives in Iowa City and works at a junior high school. She has a M.A. in Creative Writing at Eastern Michigan University. Her work has appeared in Fine Madness and as part of the Iowa City Poetry in Public Project, and is forthcoming on the website SWWIM Every Day. She enjoys collaborating with community organizations and institutions that foster creativity in children and teens. These experiences have included stints at 826michigan (Ann Arbor), FLY Creativity Lab (Ypsilanti, MI), and the International Writing Program (University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA).

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