Issue 1

We are proud to unveil the first issue of The Mantle! We present ten poems from eight poets:

Menkah Ahlawat
Ace Boggess
Nicholas Bon
Gray Clark
Robert Okaji
Kenneth Pobo
Louise Robertson
Nina Sudhakar

The issue is available both as a PDF and as a series of linked pages, so you can read and/or share in the way you prefer. In these poems, you will find a cryptic note from twenty years ago; tape recorders full of secrets; lost cities and selves; holes to drill and fix; math and architecture; and flowers of both the metaphorical and non-metaphorical varieties.

Consider submitting to our second issue, due out in November. Until then, enjoy these great poems!

Click the cover to access the issue:

The Mantle - Vol I Issue I Coverv2

Thank you so much for your support!

James Croal Jackson
Editor, The Mantle

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