Best of the Net 2018 Nominations

The Mantle is pleased to announce these six poems from our first four issues as our nominations for the 2018 Sundress Publications “Best of the Net” Anthology:

Nina Sudhakar – Self-Portrait as Cathedral (Issue 1)
Bryanna Licciardi – Fish Love (Issue 2)
Eleonor Botoman – The Diorama (Issue 3)
Layne Ransom – What We Can Bear (Issue 3)
Fayce Hammond – One Genealogy for De/Colonization (Issue 3)
Hedy Habra – Or What Does a Tree Know About Aging? (Issue 4)


Congrats and good luck to these poets! Issue 5 releases on Wednesday, August 1st. You can find submission guidelines here.

Issue 3

Honored to present the third issue of The Mantle! In this issue you’ll find ten poems from nine poets:

Geoff Anderson
Eleonor Botoman
Sheena Carroll
Fayce Hammond
Alicia Hoffman
Daniel J. Pizappi
Layne Ransom
AJ Wolff
Soz Zangana

The issue is available both as a PDF and as a series of linked pages, so you can read and/or share in the way you prefer.

Consider submitting to our fourth issue, which will release on the first of May. Until then, enjoy!

Click the cover to access the issue:

The Mantle Winter 2018